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Top five common mistakes in bathroom renovations

Top five common mistakes in bathroom renovations

1.  Not Having Your Mind Made Up On Colours, Tiles & Finishings

If you change your mind halfway through your bathroom renovation, this can extend the timeline of completion. There is a lot of planning that goes into renovating a bathroom. Even at the very beginning stages, your builder will be accommodating to all the choices you have made – for example, floor-to-ceiling tiles, wall-mounted hardware, shower size, etc.

2. Choosing A Non-Standard Bathroom Vanity Size

If you are strategic about what size bathroom vanity you fit into the layout of your bathroom, you will find there will be more options and designs available. Plus, the standard sizes will be more affordable. Custom-made vanities can cost more and have a much longer lead time.

3. Mix Matched Fixtures & Fittings

There are several different fixture colours that can look similar, for example, chrome, brushed nickel, and gunmetal grey. However, mixing these colours is not a good idea. If you choose the same finish for all fittings and fixtures you will be much happier with the end result. This includes door handles, heated towel rails, shower waste, mixers & taps.

4. Do It Once, Do It Right!

Don’t cut corners! If it’s an older home, retrofit building paper in & insulate while the walls and ceiling are off. Doing this will give you more comfort and warmth. Also, consider heated flooring – it is a relatively affordable alternative for heating the bathroom and once the tiles are down, there is no turning back!

It’s also not just about doing the practical things right the first time but also about choosing things you love. It is so important to not sacrifice what you love. After all your new bathroom design is for your enjoyment and something to be proud of.

5. Not Changing The Location Of The Tub Toilet Or Sink

If you are renovating your bathroom, now is the time to really think about how you can optimise the space! Changing the location of where everything is placed to work better can make a huge difference on the final outcome.

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