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New Home Builders Auckland, Roberts Residential

New Home Builders Auckland

New Builds

Create your dream home on a slice of paradise with Roberts Residential. Our expert team of auckland new home builders will build your dream home to suit your lifestyle and taste. We pride ourselves on building unique, one-off, extraordinary homes.

Whether your dream home is large or small, we take pride in every home we build. We can assist you with every aspect of building your dream home – from helping you find a style suited to your lifestyle to assisting you with council consents and undertaking the construction process.

The Design & Build Process

The first step to building your dream home is finding out what you like and what type of house plan is suited to you and your family’s living habits. The best way to start this process is by looking at different homes by driving around and also browsing online (Pinterest, Archi Pro).

When you have an idea of your style and any important features you want to include in your new home design, it is time to find a suitable architect to get your home designed. We work with a range of award-winning architects who will turn your ideas into concept and working drawings!

After nutting out working drawings and finalising all design elements it will be time to apply for building consent with the council. Council consents can be a daunting process – but we are here to help through this process.

Building consent has been granted! We are now ready to make those working drawings a reality. Here is what a timeline for your project might look like:

Groundwork preparation

This phase includes removing any trees and debris in the building footprint or construction area, surveying, earthworks (if necessary), and setting out and pouring or building the foundation.

Framing & Roof

This includes putting up wall and roof frames and making sure they are all level and plumb so the roof can be put on.

Finishing Exterior, Wiring & Plumbing

We will finish the exterior which includes joinery, putting up cladding, soffits, fascia and, a few other important exterior jobs to ensure weather durability. Once this is complete our subcontractors will come in to complete a pre-wire and pre-plumb.


Now it is time for gib! This is when the inside of your new house starts looking like a house.


This stage is when your floor will be laid, the painting will be completed and the plumbing and electrical work will be completed.

Punch List

We will walk with you through your new home and make a list of any little things that need doing before you move in!

We will ensure the Code Of Compliance is issued and you will be able to move into your new home!

We can help you with:

  • Finding a suitable architect
  • Working drawings
  • Building Consent and Council processes
  • Building your home to a high standard
  • Project management
  • Controlling your budget

We build homes suited to your needs!