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How long does it take to reclad a house?, Roberts Residential

How Long Does It Take To Reclad A House?

How long does it take to reclad a house?

Whether you are looking at a full reclad because you have a leaky home or you just want to increase the value and aesthetics of your exterior, exterior cladding is a great way to give a building a new lease of life.

A standard reclad usually takes between 12-16 weeks but can usually take longer.

Things that can make a reclad process take longer than expected:


1. Weather

Because we are stripping and re-building the exterior of your home, bad weather can be a serious hold-up. Particularly because we will remove all cladding, insulation, and windows. A way to get around the weather is to consider shrink-wrapping your home. This will allow building work to go ahead in all conditions and protect your home from the weather while it is exposed.


2. Existing Frames Under Cladding

We don’t know what is underneath the existing cladding until it is all taken off. If we find that the frames need to be replaced, this can make the job take longer than expected.


3. The Material

Some cladding materials are quick and easy to install and others are more complex and intricate. The material you choose could make a difference on how quickly the reclad project will take.


Tips for a smooth recladding project

  1. Be organised with your decisions – what materials you want, what colour you want to stain/paint the cladding, and whether or not you’d like to upgrade your joinery. If you have clear decisions made it makes ordering, planning and project managing easier for the builder to complete the job. 
  2. Have access to the original house plans. 
  3. Talk to your builder about whether you can stay in the house while the works are taking place well in advance. If you need to move out, ensure you have a place to live for the duration of the project.


Finding the right recladding specialist

At Roberts Residential we can help you right from getting building consent to getting a code of compliance certificate. Get in touch today to talk about your recladding project